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Environmental Education
In view of the importance of environmental education for people, particularly children who will be the leader of the next generation, to think and act toward realizing a sustainable society and environmentally sound lifestyles, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) implements the following educational programs: Junior Eco-club program aimed at promoting childrenfs environmental awareness and voluntary activities, Environment Minister of My Home program aimed at promoting all the family memberfs environmental activities, Junior Eco Counsel program aimed at replying to questions concerning environmental issues from children and Star Watching Network program aimed at deepening peoplefs understanding toward the importance of the preservation of clean air.

Junior Eco-club

Junior Eco-Club is environmental activity club open to all children. With the support of local governments and companies, the Junior Eco-Club Secretariat at the JEA creates and distributes member guidebooks and newsletters, and holds national festivals aimed to deepen exchange between the Junior Eco-Clubs. In fiscal year 2007, 167,466 children of 4,216 clubs participated in Junior Eco-Club activities all over Japan.

Environment Minister of My Home

The family who hopes to take part in caring for our environment (the family is called Eco-family) and a representative from the family (who is called Environment Minister of My Home) can register in the internet homepage.
In addition, plural Eco-Families make up a group and can register as a group.
The group can advertise its activities such as showing CO2 discharge totals on the Web site.
This program aims for all the family members to pleasantly pursue environmentally sound lifestyle with the supports of the secretariat.
In fiscal year 2007, 52,344 families enrolled for Eco-family through the Web Site . 713 groups enrolled and the number of Eco-family based on the group registrations were approximately 1,500,000.

Junior Eco Cousel

Volunteer environment counselors assigned to Junior Eco Counsel Office respond to various questions concerning environmental issues to assist childrenfs learning and understanding. Questions may be asked by letters, telephone calls and e-mails from children, as well as accepting childrenfs visits and delivering lessons on demand.
Volunteer environment counselors are available at the following times
10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays


Star Watching Network

With the goal of increasing the opportunity in which people can deepen their understanding toward the importance of the preservation of clean air by letting them observe starry sky, Star Watching Network has been conducted nationwide. The JEA has supported participants of the Network and in cooperation with Ministry of the Environment and local governments has held the national festivals aimed to spread clean air and starry sky.

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