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Environmental Labelling
To promote environment-friendly lifestyles through wise product choice, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) manages the Eco Mark Program aimed at certifying and spreading Eco-friendly products. The JEA also serves as the general affairs office for the Global Ecolabelling Network, composed of organizations from 20 some countries that are implementing ecolabelling programs.

the Eco Mark Program

The Eco Mark program serves to promote environment-friendly lifestyles (ecological lifestyles) through wise product choices. A committee composed of academics, governments, consumer groups, and experts from various industries sets standards and carries out the certification. The Eco Mark is labeled on products with relatively less environmental impact compared to similar products, during the entire life cycle, from exploiting and collecting the product materials, to the manufacturing, distribution, use and consumption, disposal, and recycling. After screening Eco-friendly products submitted for approval by manufacturers, the JEA certifies and publicizes products qualifying for the Eco Mark .
As of March 31, 2008, the number of product categories is 50 and the number of certified products is 4,688.

The Eco Mark symbolizes protecting the earth and the environment with our own hands.

global ecolabelling network

The JEA serves as the general affairs office for the network of organizations from 20 some countries that are implementing programs similar to the Eco Mark. Its role includes making certification standards identical, appealing the network's endeavors, information exchange, providing information on the Internet, supporting the launch of new ecolabelling programs all over the world, etc.

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