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Providing assistance for restoration of soil environment
To promote soil contamination countermeasures, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) manages the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Fund aimed at providing assistance for restoration of soil environment and the Supporting Fund for Environmental Restoration and Generation aimed at providing aid of a part of the interests for the business who implements countermeasures to soil or groundwater contamination.
In addition, the JEA conducts survey on the systemization of the risk communicator on soil environment.

soil contamination countermeasures fund

The JEA was designated as a support corporation, based on the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law, on December 25, 2002. The JEA carries out the following support tasks using the gSoil Contamination Countermeasures Fund.h

(1) Granting of subsidies

The JEA assumes the task of granting subsidies to local governments which grants subsidies to the persons who takes measures such as the removal of the soil contamination on the land where local government designated as the area contaminated by the specified harmful substances (the designated area).
In December FY2007, the JEA decided to grant a subsidy to Saitama City governments concerning Soil decontamination measures at Sashiogi designated area, West ward, Saitama City.

(2) Consultations and advice

The JEA holds consultations and provides advice regarding the soil contamination state investigation or measures such as the removal of the soil contamination in the designated area or the change of the shape and quality in the area. The number of consultations was 95 in FY2007. The JEA also holds consultations concerning the granting of the subsidies.

(3) Dissemination of information to raise public awareness of soil contamination

The JEA disseminates information on the impact to human health due to soil contamination to raise awareness as part of risk communication.

  • The JEA holds a seminar on soil decontamination entitled gCurrent situation of soil contamination: problems and prospects for the futureh in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment and the Geo-Environmental Protection Center, getting the support of the Nippon Keidanen (the Japan Business Federation) in FY2007.
  • The JEA creates leaflets for disseminating information, and provides information on its website.

Subsidize for the Interest on Loans to Support Environmental Restoration and Generation

If businesses obtain loans from the Development Bank of Japan or the Okinawa Development Finance Corporation to carry out soil or groundwater decontamination (or the prevention of contamination) programs in urban areas, they can apply to the JEA for subsidies to cover part of the interest on the loans. The JEA grants subsidies to these businesses using the gSupporting Fund for Environmental Restoration and Generationh, which was established in FY2000.

To pay part of the interest, the subsidies are currently being granted to six businesses, including Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd., that have obtained loans from the Development Bank of Japan.


Survey on the systemization of the risk communicator on soil

The JEA carries out a survey on the systemization of the risk communicator on soil environment.
The JEA forms a committee composed of experts for the study, and conducted a case study on risk communication on soil decontamination projects and surveys similar systems both in Japan and abroad.
The JEA creates ga guideline on the risk communication on soil environment for businesses to implement the risk communicationh under the guidance of the committee.

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