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Activities of the JEA


Supports the environmental education
In view of the importance of environmental education for people, particularly children who will be the leader of the next generation, to think and act toward realizing a sustainable society and environmentally sound lifestyles, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) implements the following educational programs: Junior Eco Club program aimed at promoting children’s environmental awareness and voluntary activities, Environment Minister of My Home program aimed at promoting all the family member’s environmental activities, Junior Eco Counsel program aimed at replying to questions concerning environmental issues from children and Star Watching Network program aimed at deepening people’s understanding toward the importance of the preservation of clean air.
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Information and Enlightenment
To make people better aware of the complicated environmental issues of today, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) compiles and distributes pamphlets and other materials explaining environmental problems plainly, and lends out videos and films, and operates the environment Society and Environment Learning Club on membership systems.
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Offers the materials for the environmental education
To support individuals and companies who active in environmental issues, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) registers environmental experts as Environment Counselors and manages the F. Michiko Environmental Fund aimed at providing grant for regional environmental activities.
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Environmental Labelling
To promote environment-friendly lifestyles through wise product choice, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) manages the Eco Mark Program aimed at certifying and spreading Eco-friendly products. The JEA also serves as the general affairs office for the Global Ecolabelling Network, composed of organizations from 20 some countries that are implementing ecolabelling programs.
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Promoting Enlightenment Activities for Preventing Global Warming
To promote activities for preventing global warming, the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions (JCCCA) collects and provides available information on global warming, and support various efforts. The JCCCA also operates the Stop-Ondankan, a learning facility of global warming.
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Providing assistance for restoration of soil environment
To promote soil contamination countermeasures, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) manages the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Fund aimed at providing assistance for restoration of soil environment and the Supporting Fund for Environmental Restoration and Generation aimed at providing aid of a part of the interests for the business who implements countermeasures to soil or groundwater contamination.
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Environmental Education
Green Purchasing is an essential step in creating a sustainable society, by leveraging spending power and purchasing environmentally preferable goods and services. To promote Green Purchasing, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) serves as the secretariat of the Green Purchasing Network, composing of businesses, governments and consumers.
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Assisting the Global Environment Information Centre
The Japan Environment Association (JEA) assists in running the Global Environment Information Centre which is joint initiative between United Nations University and Ministry of the Environment.
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