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Officers and Councilors

AS of April 1, 2010

Post Name Affiliation
Director General
Akio Morishima Former Chief Director of Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Managing Director Junji Kashiwagi Acting Executive Director of the JEA
Managing Director Osamu Uno Secretary-general of Eco Mark Office of the JEA
Director Tomoko Akimoto Chief Secretariat of Environmental Network Saitama
Director Ryuzo Ishimi Advisor of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
Director Makoto Kamewaka Chief Director of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technical Information Society
Director Youichi Kaya Vice Chief Director/Institute Director of the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth
Director Yuko Sakita Environmental Counselors, Journalist
Director Takamitsu Sawa President of the Shiga University
Director Shozo Shimomura President of the Nuclear Material Control Center
Director Kazuo Sugiyama Advisor of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd
Director Kikuko Tatsumi Director of the Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists
Director Sadatoshi Tabata Chief Director of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan
Director Takashi Nakanomyou Chief Director of the National consumer affairs center of Japan
Director Takeshi Hara Professor of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
Director Masahiko Hirao Professor of the University of Tokyo
Director Konoe Fujimura President of the Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century
Director Michiyoshi Mazuka Chairman and CEO of Fujitsu Limited
Director Kazuo Yamazaki Editorial Writer of the Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Ltd.
Director Maomi Yamashita Advisor of the Japan National Pension Association
Director Youko Wake Professor of the Keio University

21 directors are appointed

Post Name Affiliation
Auditor Yasuhiko Okada Chief Director of the National Association of Labor Banks
Auditor Yoshikiyo Kawano Licensed tax accountant

2 auditors are appointed

Post Name Affiliation
Councilor Hiroshi Kato President of the Chiba University of Commerce
Councilor Yuji Kume Executive Director of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
Councilor Yasushi Kuriyama Managing Director of the General Insurance Association of Japan
Councilor Hiroyuki Koizumi Vice President of the Life Insurance Association of Japan
Councilor Kimiko Kozawa Former Professor of the Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University
Councilor Masaaki Sakurai Executive Director of the Natural Parks Foundation
Councilor Tomomi Sazima Professor of the Teikyo Junior College
Councilor Izumi Sato Lawyer
Councilor Mamoru Shichino Former Managing Director of the Japanese Quarantine Association
Councilor Nobuya Seta Former Chief Director of the National Parks Association of Japan
Councilor Yoshiyasu Nao Vice President/Executive Director of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Councilor Osami Nakasugi Former Professor of the Graduate School of Global Environment Studies, Sophia University
Councilor Yoshio Nakamura Emeritus Professor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology
Councilor Yoshihiro Nomura Former Professor of the Faculty of Law, Meiji Gakuin University
Councilor Shiro Hujita Chief advisor of the Nippon Environment Club (specified nonprofit corporation)
Councilor Akira Matsuda President of the Japan Association of Health service Management Consultants
Councilor Takeshi Miyamoto Managing Director of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation

17 councilors are appointed

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